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Colgate launched a dedicated resource page devoted to helping patients suffering with dentine hypersensitivity.

Available at, the interactive resource page provides readers with an overview on dentine hypersensitivity.

With 50% of sensitivity sufferers not reporting their pain, Colgate hopes this new resource page will help dental professionals diagnose and treat dentine hypersensitivity.

‘We wanted to set this microsite up to provide an educational resource around Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste range to help support dental professionals with managing their patients with dentine hypersensitivity,’ a Colgate spokesperson says.

‘We also want this to be easily accessible to dental professionals. So that they can access it in their own time and provide the opportunity to gain patient samples of Colgate Sensitive Pro relief for their practice.

‘We hope dental professionals will gain a true understanding of how Colgate’s portfolio of sensitive toothpaste can help manage this patient group.

‘Dental professionals will gain up to one hour ECPD for completing this learning module. As well as the chance to receive patient samples for their practice.

‘They will also find a number of additional resources within the Edetail. Such as webinars, patient leaflets, DHS management guidelines and more.’

Dentine hypersensitivity

The dedicated resource page includes advice, videos and studies to show how Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief can help sensitivity sufferers. It describes some of the main causes of sensitivity and how Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief can help relieve these.

To gain your ECPD, some free patient samples and also find out all about dentine hypersensitivity, simply visit